Are you passionate about adventure and extreme sports? Do not miss our recommendations.

Majorca offers you amazing activities to both contemplate the beauty of the island, as well as feel the adrenaline rush that is caused by these sports. Majorca is a perfect place to get to know and practice them. With its amazing coves and landscapes you will discover unknown Majorca that is reserved for the most adventurous ones. These sports will allow you to experience an unknown Majorca, full of beautiful landscapes and its cultural wealth.

Canyoning (descending the ravines):
It is a great adventure sport that can be practised in canyons and ravines, a unique experience and way to explore the mountain surroundings of Majorca.
Majorca boasts of a great variety of ravines, which were polished by time and water that tries to find its way to the sea crossing the mountains. By getting down these ravines you will have the unique occasion to admire Sierra de Tramuntana mountains and slip in water pits. As there are so many ravines on the island situated in different places, either someone who starts the adventure with canyoning as well as experienced sport lovers will find a perfect place.

Majorca offers a huge amount of possibilities to practice this interesting sport. There are different routes, there are climbing possibilities for all kind of levels. Test your resistance and concentration and practice climbing in rocky mountains of Majorca. You will get a chance to contemplate views that only few can admire.
As there is a huge variety of excursions and courses available in Majorca, all of them unique and extraordinary, both for beginners and experts in climbing, you can always find the best option for your needs.

PsicoBloc (Deep water soloing) :
It is an alternative to traditional climbing and it consists of climbing walls that are not too high, generally not more than 5-6 meters high, it relies solely upon the presence of water at the base of a climb to protect against injury from fallings. Majorca is undoubtedly the best place to practice psicobloc thanks to a great number of cliffs and caves. This sport discipline is quite recent, but it gains new fans every day, maybe because it is always set in a beautiful sea scenery and it gives you a huge rise of adrenaline at the same time. Come and dare yourself to practice this original extreme sport.

Coasteering consists of a coastal trail that combines hiking, abseiling, cliff jumping, sea cave diving, climbing and much more, it is considered one of trekking modalities. If you feel like testing your skills and building your confidence with amazing views, coasteering is a perfect choice for you. A dynamic tour of jumps, slides, water caves, psicobloc and snorkeling – a perfect way to enjoy extreme sports with your friends during summer season.

Cliff jumping:
Other adventure sport that makes the adrenaline run through your veins is cliff jumping. “Experience Mallorca” offers this activity, but always after an adequate training and security. The cliffs all over the island are assessed by professionals for its risk level. The monitors will show you how to jump and then land in the most secure way, avoiding any risk. If you wish to do something original and wild during your holidays, cliff jumping might be an option to accelerate your heart beating and give you energy for the whole day.

Hang gliding/ Paragliding:
Are you looking for powerful emotions? Majorca can be a perfect place. If you feel like flying, but at the same time you want to get the feeling of control of your movements hang gliding might give you this sensation. This journey in the clouds is suitable for everyone, both children and adults. There are many clubs in Majorca that offer induction trainings, advanced courses and hang gliding equipment hire. There are specific areas where you can practice paragliding, some competitions take place as well.


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