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Our hotels in Majorca

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Hotels in Mallorca

Saint Michel

Mallorca has become in recent years one of the favorite destinations for holidays. What are the reasons for this increase in tourism in Mallorca? The answer to this question is very simple and includes multiple factors.
  • One of the most important reasons for which Mallorca has become one of the places with the highest tourist influx in the world is its wonderful Mediterranean climate, envied by many European countries and considered by many as the ideal climate to live. This type of climate is characterized by warm temperatures and low rainfall. Another fundamental factor that is characteristic of the Mediterranean climate is that in Majorca you can enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year, which allows you to fully enjoy the surroundings of the island and many activities that you can enjoy during a vacation in Majorca.
  • Another factor that encourages the increase of tourism in Mallorca, is the wide variety of entertainment and leisure activities that can be enjoyed on the island. In Majorca thanks to is marvellous climate, you can enjoy a wide range of activities and water sports. The Majorcan beaches every summer are filled with towels and people who come to enjoy the sea, beach and the sun of the island.
    In order to cope with this great tourist influx which receives Mallorca, especially in the summer months, the island offers a greater and better infrastructure and hotel base.

    In Hoteles Saint Michel we have 16 hotels scattered throughout the island of Mallorca, of different types, classes and styles so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Hotels in Playa de Palma
    In Playa de Palma you will find the HSM Golden Playa hotel and the HSM Venus Playa hotel. The HSM Golden Playa is a four star beach front hotel with a wellness area and everything you need to enjoy cycling in Mallorca. The HSM Venus Playa is a three star hotel located in a residential area of Playa de Palma with the best leisure offer and the best atmosphere of the resort.
  • Hotels in El Arenal
    In El Arenal we have the hotel HSM Reina del Mar and HSM Son Verí. The HSM Reina del Mar hotel is a three star hotel, only a few steps away from El Arenal beach and in the centre of the well-known leisure area. The HSM Son Verí hotel is located very close to the beach, the Yacht Club and the Aqualand water park so you have a wide range of leisure activities to fully enjoy a vacation in El Arenal, Mallorca.
  • Hotels in Sa Coma
    The HSM Torre Blanca hotel is an apartment complex situated in Sa Coma. These apartments are categorized as three keys where you can enjoy all inclusive board and a few minutes from the beach. It is the ideal hotel for a family holiday as it offers facilities for the entertainment for children.
  • Hotels in Calas de Mallorca
    In Calas de Mallorca we would like to offer you to stay in our hotel or apartments. The HSM Canarios Park hotel and the HSM Calas Park apartments. The HSM Canarios Park hotel is a three star hotel with all inclusive service and entertainment activities for the whole family: splash pool, sports facilities, entertainment, restaurant... The HSM Calas Park apartments have the category of three keys and they offer wonderful views of the sea in Calas de Mallorca. It also has the all inclusive board to make sure you do not miss anything during your holidays in Mallorca.
  • Hotels in Paguera
    We have three hotels in Paguera: HSM Linda Playa, HSM Madrigal and HSM S 'Olivera. The HSM Linda Playa is a three star hotel situated in the heart of the Paguera leisure area, a few meters from the beach and also a short distance from the mountains. The HSM Madrigal is a four star hotel located in a quiet neighbourhood of Paguera and only a few minutes away from the beach and the most commercial area of Paguera. The HSM S 'Olivera hotel is an elegant four star hotel very close to the commercial area and the beach of Paguera. In all our hotels in Paguera you will find everything to make your vacation in Paguera an unforgettable vacation.
  • Hotels in Alcudia bay
    In Alcudia we have the hotel HSM President Golf & Spa, a hotel that offers you the all inclusive facilities and it is situated in the beautiful area of Aucanada, in Alcudia Bay. From the hotel you can enjoy the stunning views of the sea and enjoy the wonderful surroundings nearby. It has four swimming pools and Spa area, it is ideal to have a relaxing vacation in Alcudia.
  • Hotels in Playa de Muro
    In Playa de Muro we have the HSM Lago Park apartments. Our apartment complex is categorized with three keys and it is situated in one of the best areas of the Alcudia Bay. The complex counts with two buildings of Premium apartments and studios. The HSM Lago Park hotel also has the Cycling Friendly certification, so you can enjoy all the necessary facilities for cycling in Mallorca in our apartments in Playa de Muro.
  • Hotels in Magalluf
    In Magalluf we have three hotels situated in strategic areas of this lively resort. The HSM Atlantic Park hotel is a four star hotel with an all inclusive facilities located in one of the best and quietest areas of Magaluf. The hotel HSM Don Juan is a three star hotel where you can enjoy a quiet environment, the beach and the entertainment and leisure area. HSM Sándalo Beach apartments have the category of three keys with a modern and elegant atmosphere, just a few meters away from the beach and the leisure and entertainment area of Magaluf. Enjoy the stunning views of the sea from our apartments in Magaluf.
  • Hotels in Cala Ratjada
    In Cala Ratjada you can stay at the HSM Regana hotel. A hotel with the category of four stars is situated in front of the beach of Cala Ratjada. It is located in an ideal enclave due to its proximity to Cala Agulla, one of the coves with the greatest beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. A hotel with a unique environment where you can fully enjoy a holiday in Majorca and one of the best views of the island from the terrace and the panoramic bar of the hotel.
Our hotels in Majorca
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