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Why Christmas is the best time of the year

15 | 12 | 2017

All reasons to enjoy Christmas.

Christmas is the best time of the year. We have lots of reasons to think this, it’s a time of happiness because we meet our families and all is touched by a magic spirit. Christmas is fun. From HSM, we explain you why we think this is the best time of the year.

1. Family gatherings

Many of us wait Christmas time due to it’s a time to spend with your family. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are the best days to spend time with our family and friends. Family luncheons or family dinners are the best opportunities to have a lovely time with family or friends that we usually don’t meet during the year.

2. Time of illusion

Christmas has been always together with the feelings of magic and illusion. Starting with the little ones and their wait for the three Wise Kings and finishing with the adults’ illusion on the Christmas Lottery!.

3. The happiness of the little ones

The children are the ones who wait for Christmas time impatiently. These days you will see them always smiling awaiting the arrival of Santa and the Three Wise Kings. The parade of the Three Kings is one of the best moments for them, are you ready to take as many sweets as you can?

4. Home decoration

Everybody loves dressing home with Christmas decoration. To decorate the Christmas tree with its balls is a tradition yet in many families. It’s also the perfect time to prepare a Nativity scene with all details.

5. Parties and events

One of the best things in Christmas is the big amount of parties and events to enjoy Christmas spirit and have fun with family and friends. Eat the grapes in New Year’s Eve, go to party with friends or compensate Christmas big luncheons by participating on a popular Marathon, are some of the options you can choose.

Get ready to enjoy, because the best time of the year has arrived!.