Discover the best tapas event in Mallorca.

TaPalma, the best route of tapas and cocktails on the island, returns this year with novelties, new bars and modern and tasty tapas. We are facing the thirteenth edition of TaPalma, which year after year continues to reinvent itself and welcomes a large number of visitors and will be held from Wednesday 15 to Sunday 19 November.

New surprises

In HSM we love the good gastronomy and we can say that the tapas of TaPalma are a real delight. Who will win this year's Golden Tapa? Surely it is difficult to surpass the kataifi and violet potato coulant, the tapa that won last year, made in the restaurant Ca Na Joana.

This year we find some changes and new surprises. It separates the tapas and cocktails competition from the tapas route. Two days before the competition, on November 13 will be held the contest TaPalma 2017 in the School of Tourism of the Balearic Islands. The tapas will be judged by a jury composed of chefs and bloggers. If you want to present your tapa in the contest, you will have to use a Mallorcan product to make it.

A route through all Palma

You could probably go each of the 5 days that lasts the route of TaPalma and not be able to enter all the places that offer tasty tapas elaborated instantly.

The locals that will be participating this year are not knownyet, but they are likely to repeat most of the 48 restaurants and bars that participated last year. You can enjoy the best tapas in areas as popular as the Lonja, the neighborhood of Santa Catalina, Blanquerna or Marítimo. And, in addition to these, you can enjoy in the San Juan Market, where all the locals participate in this fantastic event.


C2tgroup team