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7 things you should know about Mallorca

29 | 09 | 2017

Taking apart some clichés about Majorcans.

In Mallorca we are quite reserved, we do not like sudden changes and we love peace and tranquility. We live on an island and we have no contact with the rest of the world except when someone comes to visit us. Therefore many clichés have been created, and now we would like to deny them. Here there are 7 things you need to know about Mallorca to get to know us better.

1. “Majorca and Balearic Islands is the same”. Not at all! Majorca is one of the Balearis islands, but we do not know people living in other islands. Majorca is unique!

2. “You are quite reserved”. I would not say we are reserved, we simply live on the island with no contact with the outside world. But if a Majorcan accepts you, toy can be sure you have a friend for the rest of your life.

3. “It is always hot out there”. In Mallorca you only need a t shirt and shorts? You may think so if you visit us only in the summer. Although in winter we have much better weather than other European countries, it is not always hot here. But Majorca is a great place to visit all year round!

4. “You go to the beach directly from your doorstep”. It is true that many hotels are just in front of the beach, but most of the local people do not open the door and get directly to the beach. Believe it or not, we also have streets!

5. “You do not have typical Majorcan food”. It is not true at all! There are lots of typical dishes: frito mallorquín, sobrasada, arros brut, sopas mallorquinas… As you can see we like to add “Majorcan” to dishes´ names, just to make sure you know where they come from.

6. “Majorca is nothing more but parties!” Not at all! We are quite calm people. We like spending our days off with our family, enjoying good food and company. We also work, but we do not want to show off.

7. “You surely know Rafa Nadal”. Believe it or not, in Mallorca live more than 850,000 people. We do not know each other, and surely most people whose surname is Nadal have nothing to do with our fantastic tennis player.