Discover Soller by its iconic train.

Soller is one of the most beautiful villages of Majorca. It is surrounded by Tramuntana mountains, Patrimony of Humanity, and it ends at the sea with the charming beach of Puerto. If you wish to discover Soller, definitely the best way is by its iconic train.

What is the train to Soller
The Soller train is the railway that runs between Palma city and Soller. The distance between them is approximately 30 km and it goes through the nice village of Bunyola before it reaches its destination.

Why choose Soller train
The Soller railway stands out for its special, attractive route that runs along, overcoming the natural barrier of the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain. It is impossible to compare the unforgettable experience to go to Soller by train to simply go there by car. The journey in train will delight our senses with a unique landscape in which the sweet smell of the orange blossom and the penetrating aroma of the sea intermingle.

Where to catch the Soller train and the prices
If you leave from Palma, you can take a train at the railway station do Soller, next to Plaza de España, just in the very centre of the capital. You can also catch a train in Bunyola village. Whatever suits you better.
The prices to go from Palma to Soller very between 22€ (for tourists) and 12€ (for Majorcan residents the price deduction is almost 50%).

Go to Puerto de Soller by electric tram
Once you get to Soller, you simply cannot miss its port, make sure to go to Puerto as well. From 1913 the electric tram joins Soller with its port. Enjoy this amazing ride by tram and visit Puerto de Soller, you will be delighted with the views and its cousy beach. The prices range from 6€ for non residents to 2€ for Balearic Islands residents.


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