Ideas to have fun with your friends for all ages.

Majorca is a perfect destination if you travel in group, it does not matter if you are family or friends. Everyone can find something suitable thanks to a huge variety of leisure activities that our island offers. You can go to the beach or taste delicious Majorcan food, but you can also discover many other activities that will make your holidays special:
1. Go to see the stars:
Majorca is an ideal place to observe a perfect starry sky during the summer nights. If you are in Majorca in the summer, you will be amazed by the meteor shower that takes place in August. You can see this amazing show spending the night at the beach or in the Astronomical Observatory that is situated in Costitx municipality. It is a great plan for both children and adults.
2. Night out full of luxury:
For young people one of the best ways to have a lot of fun is a night out in one of the most luxurious bars of Majorca. Dress up in your best clothes and enjoy unsurpassable ambience and music. There is surely one of these amazing places close to your Saint Michel hotel.
3. Excursion to Tramuntana mountains:
What about contemplating one of the most beautiful views and scenery? Take a map of Majorca and choose one of many routes that are close to your hotel. The excursion to the Tramuintana mountains will let you discover the magic of the island´s nature, among coves, caves and mountains. The best time to visit the Tramuntana mountains is spring or autumn.
4. Get to know the small villages :
If you are fond of the local culture and customs, you simply cannot miss the opportunity to visit delightful Majorcan villages full of charm. Local art, interesting buildings full of history, shopping or delicious food from the area are only some things to visit.
5. Kars
Anxious for some action? Close to some of the Saint Michel hotels in Majorca you can find karting companies that guarantee a unique experience full of laughter and fun. Get ready for amusement!


C2tgroup team