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Food souvenirs of Majorca

27 | 10 | 2016

Autumn is a wonderful time in Majorca, you cannot miss any of these food souvenirs.

There are different ways to discover the island. One of the advantages of visiting Mallorca in autumn is the amount of seasonal produces, which you can taste. Moreover they are a great idea to surprise your friends and relatives. You will enjoy the real Mallorca.

1. Sobrasada y botifarrón

They are the result of the most settled tradition of the island. During the cold months, porks give away these tasty cold meats. Please, combine “sobrasada” with honey and cheese. If you toast the “botifarrón” on a slow burn, you will get a 100% Majorcan sandwich.

2. Gató de almendras ( Almonds cake)

You can collect the fruits of almond trees in Majorca at the beginning of autumn. With them you can elaborate a sweet and a delicious cake, called Gató, which normally it is combined with vanilla ice cream. It is a delicacy.

3. Galletas saladas ( Typical Majorcan crackers)

These crackers are elaborated with very simple ingredients. Majorcans consider them the perfect snack and sometimes they eat these crackers instead of eating bread. You can eat them with or without any type of cold meat, gravy etc. They are addictive!

4. Olive oil

The Olive oil of Majorca, with the title of Denomination of Origin, stands out for its quality and becomes one of the most appreciated oils in the world. The huge fields of olive trees in Majorca give away a fruit, which with an artisanal and delicate process keeps its natural properties.

5. Mushrooms

If you have the opportunity, take part in an excursion to the mountains to look for mushrooms. It is a tradition practiced by a lot of families on the island. You can find mushrooms on the way and then you can prepare delicious dishes whit them. Remember to go with an expert. It is an unforgettable experience!