Five plans for a rainy day on the island.

We are not scared of the rain. Sometimes weather changes even in paradise, but that is not a problem because we know that after the storm always comes the calm. And as we always smile in the face of adversity, we recommend five plans of things to do when it rains in Majorca.

1.Visit the museum.

The most prestigious museum in Palma is Es Baluard, located inside the wonderful old town. You will find contemporary art exhibitions there that won´t leave you indifferent. Besides, the museum also offers cultural activities for adults and children.

If you find yourself around the Alcudia bay, you will have the chance to visit one of the museums of Pollença, such as the Museo Municipal de Pollença or the House Museum of the artist Dionís Bennassar. Don´t miss it!

If you wish to know the traditions of Majorca you should pay a visit to the Ethnological Museum of Muro. There, you shall discover the habits, costumes and utensils of rural Majorca at the beginning of the 20th century

2.Visit the famous caves

Where could you find a better place to shelter from the rain than the caves? Majorca also hides amazing landscapes underground. Visit the Drach Caves and get into a new world… make a boat tour around the lake inside the caves as you watch the stalactites.

The Cuevas dels Hams are 10 million years old and currently take you into an incredible route underground. You won´t get tired of watching the mysteries hidden in these three coves, each having its own history. A natural work of art.

3.Escape rooms

Get lost in a room with your friends and family and try to escape from it by discovering leads and winning the games that these leisure companies set out for you:

The Room (Magaluf), City Room Escape, Mission Escape y Best Escape Rooms (Palma).

4.Go to a shopping centre

Majorca has many shopping centres full of fashion shops. Take a break in one of the bars and then continue shopping to be dressed in the latest fashion.

Discover El Corte Inglés, FAN Mallorca Shopping, Porto Pi and many more!

5.Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium recreates the ecosystems of seas and oceans so that visitors can appreciate the beauty of the sea world. In its 55 aquariums live 8000 specimens of about 700 species. A great plan for the whole family!


C2tgroup team