These HSM hotels offer you a great experience of cycling in Mallorca

Cycling is a very complete sport. For cycling enthusiasts Hoteles Saint Michel offer 3 hotels in Mallorca where to stay and enjoy discovering Mallorca by bicycle.

The fabulous HSM Golden Playa, HSM Lago Park and HSM President Golf & Spa hotels will give you the best attention during your stay, while enjoying Mallorca and your favorite sport.

These hotels offer you a great experience of cycling in Mallorca. We provide a specialized menu for athletes, so you can have enough energy to make the cycling routes you want in Mallorca.

In addition, you can count on massage therapists, physiotherapists and doctors if you need them. You will feel safe and well informed with our staff who is specialized in cycling in Mallorca.

And if you do not have a bicycle, do not worry, we work with excellent associates who can help you to choose the right bicycle for your needs, as well as all the necessary equipment for your cycling activities.

In these hotels you will receive an excellent treatment, both you and your bike will be very well taken care of. What you have to do after staying at any of the excellent hotels of the HSM chain is to tour the entire island and make the most of it.

Cycling tourism in Mallorca

Mallorca has many fantastic landscapes, which you can explore on your bike. While you do sports, you can gradually discover Mallorca, an island with incredible natural charm.

The time of the year that has the best climatic conditions for cycling in Mallorca is in spring and autumn. A very pleasant climate is just ideal for a complete tour of all of Mallorca.

Mallorca is visited every year by both professionals and cycling beginners. You can do cycling tourism as you can do your workouts for an upcoming competition. Mallorca has the best conditions.

You can find very beautiful landscapes during your tour. There are many attractive routes for cyclists such as the lakes and ponds of Albufera.

The tours are very impressive, and you can choose the one you like or best suits your needs. You can take alpine tours as basic tours, depending on how you are physically.

Mallorca offers an excellent infrastructure and you can easily orientate yourself from wherever you are to any of the 3 hotels of the HSM chain. The routes are very well signposted and you can purchase a map of the cycling routes if you wish.

If you do not have all the equipment you need to make your bike tour, you should not worry, in Mallorca you can get it all: starting with a specialized equipment to anything suitable for beginners.

If you need to repair your bike, you can get many specialized sites anywhere in Mallorca. The island is the ideal place for both professional cycling taking part in competitions and if you simply feel like exploring Mallorca by bicycle.

You can also prepare a bike tour of the whole island with your children. It is an island for all ages. The HSM hotel chain puts at your disposal staff who is specialized in cycling in Mallorca, they can help you prepare the tour.

They can suggest the best training routes, and they care about your health. They have excellent menus, prepared by chefs specialized in food for athletes.

The best cycling routes in Mallorca

If you go to Mallorca to practice cycling tourism or you are going to train for some professional competition, you have chosen the ideal place to do it. Mallorca has many spectacular routes to do any of the two options.

 You can discover paved roads with excellent landscapes. Also, you will find many rural roads that are very attractive for cyclists. It is impossible to get lost, as all these roads are well marked and have a number as well.

One of these places is Cap de Formentor, a very safe route for cyclists. It has one of the most beautiful landscapes of the island, which you can enjoy on the way to the famous lighthouse located in the north of Mallorca.

Another of the most famous routes in Mallorca is the coastal road of the Tramuntana. It connects the west of the coast with Pollença and the south with Andratx. It crosses the highest point of the island with a length of 110 km.

When doing that route you will find the most beautiful mountain villages that you have seen in Mallorca, such as Sóller, the so-called valley of oranges. In these mountainous villages you can taste a delicious coffee or the typical almond cake called Gató.

You can enjoy all these landscapes during your bike tour throughout Mallorca. You can have a rest in any of the three HSM hotels, who are specialists in cycling tourism. In our hotels we will guide you to choose the best route for cyclists.

For example, there is a cycling route 10 km long, which is a paved road that has the most closed curves you can find and a beautiful coastal town at the end of the route called Sa Calobra. The average slope is 7%, but reaching the end of the route you can find some parts with 12%.

From Porto Pi to El Arenal you will find the best cycling route in Palma. The whole route goes to the side of the beach, so you can enjoy an unbeatable view of the sea. You will pass through the elegant area of Portixol.

Although it is a completely flat route, you should pay special attention, as you will find many people traveling along the road. You will find children playing, tourists taking pictures, other cyclists, etc.

If you want to stay for a while to enjoy the spectacular place, you will find small hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, beautiful beaches, etc. You can rent a bicycle when you get there, they will give it to you with all its accessories.

The Central Region and Orient are other very popular routes for cyclists. There you will climb a slope of 5.1%, but then a spectacular descent is waiting for you. In its 5.2 km of paved road you will find very beautiful and picturesque villages.

In Mallorca there are three protected routes for cyclists. On these routes there is a greater police presence to protect all cyclists. There are many more signage and slightly lower speed limits.

HSM hotels and its best cycling routes

Hoteles Saint Michel chain offers you three spectacular hotels where you can relax and enjoy cycling tourism if you prefer. Mallorca has fantastic routes for cycling and HSM hotels can help you to make your dreams come true.

For example, the HSM Golden Playa hotel offers you a great service in terms of cycling tourism in Mallorca. You can rent an excellent bike that is appropriate to your needs. Our partner offers you personalized professional advice and great technical service if you need it.

Its best routes for cycling are the Sanctuary of Cura and Playa de Palma - Sa Calobra. The first route offers you a fully paved road, with 60 km in length and a slope of 550 meters.

This route is ideal for heating the engines for a first bike ride. You can have a delicious coffee in the town of Algaida and see almost the entire island of Mallorca from the Sanctuary of Cura.

In the HSM Lago Park hotel and in the HSM President Golf & Spa you can enjoy routes such as Muro-Formentor-Cala Sant Vicens and Playa de Muro-Puig de Sant Salvador.


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