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All inclusive hotels in Mallorca

07 | 09 | 2018


If you can have it all ... Why settle for less? All inclusive hotels are increasingly popular among families, friends and couples who choose Mallorca as a destination for their holidays. Choosing all inclusive is a very good option, whether you come with your partner, with friends, but most of all with children.

HSM has 5 all inclusive hotels in Mallorca. In all of them you will be able to enjoy comfort, relax, variety, entertainment and also spending less that supposes to happen if you decide for a "vacations with bracelet".


Are you looking for an all inclusive hotel in Mallorca? Discover the best apartments and hotels all inclusive in the paradisiacal corners and dream locations of the island. From the magical and touristy Bay of Alcudia, to Calas de Mallorca and Sa Coma, passing through the lively and popular among tourists resort of Magalluf.

If you leave the hotel it will be because you want, because if you book your stay with everything included, all the amenities you need are included.


All inclusive apartments in Mallorca


If you are looking for a fully equipped accommodation that makes your stay a complete experience, the appartements de Club HSM Torre Blanca in Sa Coma or HSM Calas Park en Calas de Mallorca are the best option for you, two apartment complexes that offer an all inclusive facilities, perfect for a holiday in family. Find a new way of tourism in HSM, where you can completely forget about everything and can only dedicate yourself to make the most of your stay with us.


All inclusive hotels, a perfect option for families


Mallorca has become one of the favorite destinations for families. In this beautiful Balearic island the little ones can enjoy excursions, water activities and sun and beach days. And adults can enjoy the almost magical life and atmosphere of this piece of paradise. However, for a perfect family vacation you have to know how to choose the hotel you are going to stay.


At HSM we are specialists in creating unforgettable memories, we want to make your stay really unique! That's why the kids, but also their parents, can enjoy our all inclusive hotels in Mallorca specially designed for families. Both the aforementioned apartments and our Hotel HSM Canarios Park in Calas de Mallorca are the perfect choice for a family holiday, in which we assure you that you will not have time to get bored.


All inclusive hotels for more demanding guests


The hotel HSM President Golf & Spa, situated in Alcudia Bay, is one of the hotels that offers more comfort and tranquility of HSM where you can enjoy a pleasant stay for much less than you imagine. Undoubtedly, if you travel to Alcudia Bay, this is the perfect all inclusive hotel to spend unforgettable days in this little piece of paradise.


If you choose Magalluf as your holiday destination to come as a couple or with friends, and your idea is to spend a vacation with a bracelet in a lively resort, your perfect hotel is our all inclusive hotel HSM Atlantic Park. This cousy hotel is situated very close to the centre of Magalluf with its amazing nightlife, but also daytime activities.


Booking your all inclusive hotel: comfort and saving


Booking your holidays in Mallorca in a hotel with an all inclusive option gives you all kind of advantages. Yes, we do not exaggerate. If you do not believe us, read on!


Holidays in all inclusive hotels are ideal if you want to control your economy. The advantage, in terms of the economic issue, is evident if you make a comparison of all the hotel services that you would have to include separately. The cost would multiply and finally the total price of the holidays ends up being much higher than the initial one or the one you can get with the all inclusive offer.


When we say everything, it is everything. Meals, drinks, activities, shows and everything you want without worrying to pay whenever you want something.

It is not only the comfort and the savings, but also the fact that from the beginning you know the real budget, avoiding surprises at the end of your vacations.


We all know some of the most obvious advantages, such as convenience and savings. But the fact of making a single payment helps you not to go over your budget. You can enjoy having food and drinks whenever you want during the whole day without paying, this will allow you to freely enjoy a gourmet experience without worrying about your economy. The feeling of freedom, for you and your family and friends, to be able to toast again and again for an unforgettable vacation without thinking about spending, just enjoying and disconnecting. Yes, an all inclusive vacation is all advantages. Do you agree?


Chill out and let us spoil you


After planning a more than deserved vacation, the important thing is that you can make the most of it every single minute of your stay. Therefore all HSM hotels are designed to make your stay in Mallorca unforgettable, for each and every one of our guests, a perfect experience from the very beginning of your stay.

Discover a new way of travelling, discover what Majorcan paradise has reserved for you in our hotels with modern and varied facilities and with a special charm.

If what you are looking for is to disconnect from the daily routine and stress, vacations on an all inclusive basis make you forget your worries and can freely enjoy every minute.


Still not sure? Come and check it by yourself!